Buy an apartment in Monaco

If you wish to buy a property in Monaco, Beretta Real Estate is pleased to present you a portfolio of houses and flats available for sale. 

Note that in Monaco it is not necessary to call on several agencies to visit different properties. Indeed, the Agency you choose will have access to all the apartments available in town, in addition to its own off-market products. 

When we receive an asset search request, we perform a thorough analysis of the available supply in the market. Next, we present you with “Description Sheets” for each property we think you might be interested in. We can visit those that interest you, until you have found the one that meets your requirements. 

Once the choice is made, we prepare a written Purchase proposal addressed to the Seller. 

The Purchase proposal is a means of reserving a property on terms that the potential buyer sets itself. It also represents a commitment to purchase the property in case of acceptance by the Seller. As such, the Monegasque law provides that any Offer to Purchase is accompanied by a cheque of 10% of the value of the proposed purchase price. This serves as a deposit and will be cashed upon acceptance of the Offer.

The Purchase proposal must include:

•    A detailed description of the property
•    The price offered for the property
•    The period of validity of the offer, after which the offer becomes null and void
•    Details of the Purchaser's identity card/passport
•    Proof of current address (utility bill)
•    Notary's fee and Estate agent's commission to be paid by the buyer
•    The timetable for the purchase and any condition precedent, e.g. obtaining a mortgage

As said notary's fees, transfer, and registration fees (globally representing between 6% and 9% of the purchase price) so as agency fees of 3% + VAT, belong to the Purchaser. These sums are due at the time of the final Purchase Agreement’s signature. 

Once accepted and supported by a cheque, the Purchase proposal is a legally binding document. If the potential buyer decides not to proceed with the transaction, he or she loses the deposit.

If however the transaction continues, next step is the Deed of Sale. 

When the properties are situated on the Monegasque territory, only a Monegasque Notary may prepare a Deed of Sale. Prior to this he is responsible for carrying out all relevant research on the property.

The purchase can only be finalized when the Notary has all the necessary information to validate the Deed of Sale. For example, if there is a mortgage on the property, the Notary must contact the bank that issued the mortgage and prepare the mortgage document.

Each party is free to choose its own Notary. The Buyer has no obligation to instruct the Seller’s Notary to act on his behalf.

The signing of the Deed of Sale takes place in the presence of the Notary, the Seller, and the Buyer. They agree on last-minute amendments, if any, after which the Act is finalized. The Buyer will have to pay the balance of the amount due, on which the Notary will charge the real estate agency to deliver the keys to the property’s new owner. Once in possession of the entire amount of the agreed purchase price, the Notary shall settle any lenders’ claim, due taxes, etc…. before transferring the balance to the Seller.

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