Rent an apartment in Monaco

If you wish to rent an apartment in Monaco, Beretta Real Estate Agency holds a large portfolio of properties that you will find in the «Rental» section of our website. 

When you apply for a rental, we do an in-depth search of the current offer and we quickly send you a selection of apartments. We can visit them and analyse them together until you find the one that suits you. 

Then we prepare a written Rental Proposal addressed to the Landlord. 

The Rental Proposal is a way to book a property. It also represents a commitment to rent it to the conditions provided, in case of Landlord’s acceptance. 

At the time of signature of the Rental Proposal, the Applicant shall hand over a security cheque to the.

The Rental Proposal must mention:

  • Duration of the lease (usually between 1 and 3 years)
  • Monthly rental fees (as agreed/proposed)
  • Monthly charges (as agreed/proposed - maximum 10% of monthly rent)
  • Payment terms (usually quarterly in advance)
  • Rental deposit (3 months rent) 
  • Security deposit (3 months rent + 3 months charges)
  • Lease Agreement registration fees (1% of annual rent + annual charges)
  • Administrative costs (About 30€)
  • Agency fees (10% of the first annual rent + 20% VAT)

The documents you must provide as an Applicant are: 

  • Valid Identity document (Passport or National identity card or Monegasque residence card)
  • Proof of address (electricity or other bills)
  • Bank details (preferably from a Monegasque bank) 
  • Bank guarantee or any other proof of solvency

Once the Rental Agreement is accepted by the Landlord, the property will be withdrawn from the market and the security cheque will be considered as a down payment. 

Otherwise the cheque is returned to the Applicant.
If the Landlord accepts the Rental Proposal but the Applicant waives the transaction, the latter loses the security cheque.

The payment of the balance of the sum due by the new Tenant (three months’ rent, three months charges, fees for Lease Agreement registration, other administrative costs and inventory) is required before the signing of the Lease Agreement.

Once the Lease Agreement has been signed, we will register it with the Tax Services (delivery delay is approximately ten working days).

If you are not yet Monegasque resident, once the Lease has been registered you can submit a Residency Application. We can assist you with this procedure so as with all utility contracts subscription ( water, electricity, telephone, etc…)

Please note:

Before the move-in, the Tenant must subscribe to an home insurance, the cost of which is quite contained (some hundred euros).

Before the move-in, an inventory will be prepared in your presence. This document is extremely important and must be carefully prepared. Any pre-existing damages into the apartment and that have not been transcribed into the inventory may be assigned and billed to the Tenant by the Owner.

Contact our agents for a free telephone consultation to help you if needed.